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Welcome to Free-Up

Free-Up stands for freedom, authenticity, and ease. It represents unleashing your potentials, talents, and gifts. Letting go of everything you no longer need, discovering who you are, and supporting you in how you find your way in this life, going independently, confidently, and above all, autonomously.


About me

I am a Christin, the founder of Free-Up. Free-Up is my passion and heart project through which I aim to inspire and motivate you.


Not only metaphorically, by helping you find and walk your path in this life, but also literally by touching you through my work.

With my knowledge gained from completing a Master's degree in Psychology, my training as a Taoist face-reader, and over 17 years of experience in human resources, I want to make my expertise available to you and accompany you on a part of your journey.

Currently only available in German

Please note, that not all of my pages are translated yet. 

Hereafter you can find an overview of all my offers. If you are interested in one of my offers, please do not hesitate to reach out to me directly.

My Offer

  • Are you standing there right now, unsure of how or where your path should continue?

  • Is your life no longer as you wish it to be, and do you feel a strong desire for a change?

  • Do you wonder who you truly are or how to discover your identity?

Then you've come to the right place.

I am happy to support you through individual coaching, helping you figure out where your path can lead and how to move forward. Through Taoist face-reading, I can reveal the potential that lies within you, or I can assist you on your journey to your dream job with the online program , "Job Search Made Easy," (currently only available in German) along with additional offerings.

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