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Earth element

Feel - Care - Nurture

In every face, you'll find all five elements. However, usually, only 1-2 elements dominate and are most noticeable in your face. This means that even if the Earth element dominates in you – evident through well-padded facial features, a large mouth, or full lips – you also have eyebrows (Wood), a nose (Metal), eyes (Fire), or ears (Water). Thus, you are always a combination of all elements.

The Earth element is associated with late summer – a season we don't recognize in the Western context. It marks the transition from summer to autumn, a time when everything is in abundance, and a rich harvest provides us with all sorts of delights. In the body, the Earth element is connected to the stomach.

In essence, envision an Italian Big Mama standing as a classic example. This is precisely what the Earth element embodies – the motherly principle. Taking care, nurturing others, and helping wherever possible are the core competencies of Earth and what brings it joy.

This nurturing nature is a blessing for others. In your presence, everyone feels right at home. And the pleasures you indulge in, you generously share with those around you.

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