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Metal element

Refine - Inspire - Perfectioning

Typically, each person is mainly influenced by not just one but two elements; otherwise, we'd have only five different faces. Even if the Metal element dominates in you, indicated by your prominent nose or triangular face shape, you also have eyebrows (Wood), a mouth (Earth), eyes (Fire), or ears (Water). Thus, you are also a combination of all elements.

In your case, the Metal element is predominant. Metal is associated with autumn, representing withdrawal and preparation for winter. Therefore, a Metal-oriented individual is very focused on the essential. Anything unnecessary or no longer needed can be let go.

Perfectionism also takes center stage. Metal shines on the surface. You may find yourself taking things very seriously and being precise in what you do.

As the lungs are associated with the Metal element, individuals with a dominant Metal element often appreciate activities that follow a regular rhythm. For example, you might love jogging or swimming, not necessarily for the sake of exercise but because you enjoy the rhythmic movement and find relaxation in it.

Metal individuals are also highly sensitive and usually have a keen sense for understanding others.

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